Moving In/Out

Helping your move go smoothy

Tips for moving in or out of our apartments and homes

 Before moving: 

  • Make an organized to do list
  • Gather supplies, boxes, packing paper or bubble wrap, tape and markers
  • Make arrangements for a moving truck and help with moving
  • Fill out change of address cards at post office
  • Cancel or transfer accounts with all utility companies
  • Change address on your license
  • Pack things ahead of time that you wont need

When moving out of your apartment please refer to the Security Deposit Agreement and Receipt for expectations upon move-out.


Important Phone Numbers you may need:

  • Electricity                             Public Service of New Hampshire    1-800-662-7764
  • Gas                                       New Hampshire Gas                           1-603-352-1230
  • Propane                               Keene Gas                                            1-603-352-4134
  • Cable                                    Time Warner                                         1-603-352-6421
  • DSL                                       Verizon                                                  1-800-585-4466
  • Oil                                          Chabbott Coal And Oli                        1-603-352-0343